Creativity, Still Needed?


After a very very long delay, i finally wrote my first post…

This post is actually a task that given by our lecturer, Mr Agus Nggermanto, in Creativity and Innovation… To be honest, this class is one of the most unique class in my department. Creativity and Innovation. Just like the name of the class, we all of the student must be creative to answer all of the question from our lecturer. 

Okay, lets start from creativity itself…

If we googling the word creativity, we can found that creativity is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts. An alternative conception of creativity is that it is simply the act of making something new.

By reading those definition, of course we can(not) live in this world without it. Why? Its just because creativity is like connecting things. Actually, that was a Jobs’ statement. He was a founder and a CEO of Apple Computers. But, he is quietly right. I mean, what can you do if you stuck in a problem but you are not creative enough to solve it. Of course it will be disaster. It will be different if we are creative. We can find many ways to solve it. 

Nah, usually a creative person is a person that have more right brainer. Our brain was divided into two side, left and right. A left brainer usually works better with logic, detail, precision, scientific, analyze, repetitive, and organize. On the other side, right brainer usually works better with the condition of creative, imaginative, general, conceptual, and irregular. That is why that most of creative persons are the right brainer. 

Why? Because right brainers usually think outside the box. While the left brainer only think with the ordinary ways and they use it repetitively. Repetitively. Remember this. This is what makes left brainer are not creative. They tend to use a way from other, then use it repetitively. Different with the right brainers. The right brainers are very irregular. They didn’t wants the same. They wants different. They need a creativity to be different.

Charles Darwin ever said that “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change”. Based on his statement, we need to be creative if we wants to response for change. Creative can save our life, our planet, and many things. Creativity is not just about design and music. Creative can be in a form of many things. But, i want to show you some creative design.


Here they are…




Creative, isn’t it?




I will show you that creative even can touch our sense of food..





Let se…


How about this menu?


Can you even think,

to eat it?




and this



Maybe some of the peoples will think that menus are very disgusting. But it is surely creative…

Those finger cookies, crazy skull cheese cake, and brain style panna cota is a menu in a restaurant. They are so creative to create menus like that. They can attract more customer, whose curious with those menu, and of course, gain more profits.

So, still wandering if creativity needed? Hahaha.. That’s an awful question. Okay, let’s be a right brainer and live creatively!



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13 responses to “Creativity, Still Needed?

  1. ah men, kenapa harus otak sih?hahahahah

    tapi itu namanya culinary arts! hahah

  2. hahaha..
    kan biar menarik lang…

  3. ayamcobek

    nice pics…

  4. ayamcobek

    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change”
    .the most responsive to change or the most cause of changes?.hehe.just my opinion gus

  5. Farah Fadilla

    aduh, kreatif siy iya, gus.
    tp ga mengundang selera makan sm skali.
    huaaah! itu jarinya heboh bgt. mana kukunya ga bersih. haha

    eh, menanggapi komen lo di blog gw, gus.
    iya tuu. gw jg pernah baca quotes itu.
    lupa dmn, dlu bgt deh.

    haha jadi ayo berjuang sekarang gus!
    biar dpt yg terbaik di masa depan.
    biarkan masa lalu tertinggal di blkg.
    ambil hikmahnya aja buat pelajaran.

    *eh jgn lupa, there’s still ‘a story’ you have to tell.

  6. lung, maybe your opinion is right..
    but, the point is that we must be responsive IF there is a change..

  7. benar…
    act right now for a brightest future..
    ah, kok jadi kaya slogannya sbm ya?
    eh, kayanya lo yang duluan deh dill…

  8. muhamaddiandra

    duh gus,gw lg ga enak perut terus liat gambar2 gituan..
    mual rasanya..
    tapi bagus gus..
    bagus gus..
    bagus gus..
    gus bagus..

  9. cuman, yang cheese cakenya seru dah dra kayanya..

  10. yoshee

    iya diilll..
    mestiinya si kuku jgn kayak gitu.
    pake kuteks kek,
    atau kayak jari anak kecil yang merah jambuu.
    masi terlihat lucu..


    tapi kreatif kooks..

  11. nisanisyo

    eeeewwww gus, sumpah ya itu emang kreatif. tp jijay deh. makanan bntuk jempol dan otak? enggak bangeet

  12. itu kan luarnya doang nis…
    dalemnya tetep cheesecake enak kok..

  13. rafdyhifdhurrahman

    Gak deh makan otak ma kuku..
    gak kuat mental maaaaaaan..
    semoga orang yang makannya gak beneran penasaran rasa jari dan otak beneran..

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