Magician of Precision, King of Grass, Is That ‘title’ Still for Federer?

On the wimbledon final 2007, there is a battle between the Magician of Precision (Roger Federer) and the Matador of Spin (Rafael Nadal). On that year, Fed try to chase the record of Bjon Berg, which is won five times consecutive of Wimbledon Open.  Untill 2007, Fed was still the undisputed as the world number 1. And the final result? Of course Fed wins that battle. Here is a picture when Fed win the Wimbledon 2007…


Looks who is smiling…



2007 was a Fed’s year. He won Autralia Open, Wimbledon Open, and US Open. Thats great! Three Grand Slams a year. Fed also win three Grand Slams on 2006 and 2004. On 2005 he only won 2 Grand Slams. He lose in the semi final on Australia Open. But thats fine, he still won Wimbledon and US Open.

Wimbledon 2003 was the  silent witness of Fed’s Era. Wimbledon 2003 is the first Grand Slam that Fed wins. After that, Fed always win the Wimbledon Open until 2007. He won five times Wimbledon Open that same as Bjon Berg do. But, what happens in 2008?

Ohhh.. 2008 was a very hard year for Federer. In Australia Open, he lost in semi final when faced Tsonga. In Roland Garros French Open, he lost in final when he faced, again, Rafael Nadal. He never beat Rafa on Roland Garros since 2006, like Rafa never bet him on Wimbledon until 2007. Again, Wimbledon was the silent witness of Fed. But, now is the fall of Federer.  When Fed try to surpass the record of Bjon Berg, he failed. He lost to Rafa in Wimbledon final. He lost in a very very long match. 5 set match with total of 288 minutes. Wow.. That long match require a great amount of stamina and mental. On that match, Federer commits 52 unforced errors! Thats a very big number. But, he also hits 25 aces. Thats a big number too. I don’t know what happens with Fed. My friend said that he just had an operation with his bilge. Maybe thats right. Because, he plays not in his optimal condition. 


Here are some pictures from Wimbledon final 2008…



Look at Fed’s face. He seems very shocked. He failed to surpass Bjon Berg’s record. He just be able to rival Berg’s record. At the press interview that held just after the ceremonial, he said something strange. Here is some sneak peek from the interview:


“I thought we both played well,” he said, before beginning a litany of lethargically raised eyebrows and shrugged shoulders. “The rain didn’t help me that much – I didn’t win the match, did I? I was struggling with the wind a little bit and the light was tough but that was not an excuse. This is probably the hardest loss of my career so far.”

Once the conference moved into French, Federer suddenly became decidedly more blunt and to the point. “I couldn’t see who I was playing against by the end,” he said with another shrug which he used as punctuation to make it quite clear that he had no intention of giving a more detailed answer.

When asked whether it was a consolation that it was a great player like Nadal who had put an end to his 65-match winning streak, Federer’s humour became even darker. “No. Zero consolation. I didn’t learn anything new from today – certainly not about how to play him on grass. This really hurts… Losing Paris for me was nothing, losing here is a disaster.” No more, no less.

The straw that broke the camel’s back came when he was quizzed about the vast haul of points he will have to defend in the coming tournaments – far more than Nadal – if he is to remain number one in the rankings. “Write what you want,” he glowered after a sigh, a pause and a shrug. “I’m going to try to win at the Olympics and the US Open and have a good end to the season. That’s it.”


Nah, from that interview, he said that he try to win the US Open. So, lets see what happens in US Open.


After a hard way in the draw, he finally made it to the final. Surprisingly, he didn’t met Rafa. He met, Andy Murray, who just defeat Rafa in semi final. In final, Fed plays greatly. Good news is, he win straight sets from Murray 6-2  7-5  6-2. Looks at Fed’s face when he win this Grand Slam.



He is very happy with that cup. This is his second five times consecutive Grand Slams winner after the Wimbledon. This makes him the first man who win Grand Slams five times in a row in two different events This is also his 13th Grand Slams, which is just one title below the legend Pete Sampras. Fed’s progress is better than Pete. Fed just need 38 Grand Slams to win his 13th titles, while Pete’s need more 5 Grand Slams to win his 13th titles. Easily, Fed win his 13th titles when he is younger than Pete when he win his 13th titles.


Conclusion?? I think the Magician of Precision is still suit for Fed. And what about King of Grass? Yaahh, i think that title was taken away by Rafa. But, he promised that he will back in the next year to get it back. So, lets hope that Fed will get it back in the next year. Even tough he is not number one anymore, he still be able to climb again by wining some  tournament like this US Open. And I, a very big big fan of Federer, are very happy when sees Fed’s play at US Open. His shots was magnificent, precise, and has a deadly angle. So, GO GO FEDERER!!! 



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