The Best Sportspersons on Earth

For your information only, this post is just my opinion. No offense for anyone…

Moreover, the persons that i put below are the persons who are very creative in sports. Such as inventing tricks, expanding sports to business game, made a sports brands and many more…

Okay, here we go!!!


Eric Cantona in Soccer

Maybe some of soccer players wouldn’t agree with this opinion. But, surely, he was the most rememberable soccer player in my mind. Cantona is often regarded as having played a major talismanic role in the revival of Manchester United as a footballing powerhouse and he enjoys iconic status at the club. In 2001, he was voted to be their player of the century, and to this day United fans refer to him as “King Eric“.


Michael Jordan in Basketball

Hey, who doesn’t know him? Although he is already retire from basketball, doesn’t mean that his fame is retire too. Jordan joined the NBA’s Chicago Bulls in 1984. He quickly emerged as one of the stars of the league, entertaining crowds with his prolific scoring. His leaping ability, illustrated by performing slam dunks from the free throw line at Slam Dunk Contests, earned him the nicknames “Air Jordan” and “His Airness.” He also gained a reputation as one of the best defensive players in basketball. The one that i like about him is when he design his first signature shoe with nike, the Air Jordan 1. That shoe was banned by NBA because the color was violate the regulation, which is dominate by white color. But, he didn’t stop right there. And now? There are so many player who wore white-less color shoe.


Roger Federer in Tennis

Roger Federer are usually called the Magician of Precision. He got those nickname because of his playing style. He is an adept volleyer and an excellent baseliner who can dictate play with precise groundstrokes from both wings. All of his shots was precise and stroked down to the line. He has a versatile, all-court playing style and can hit all of the fundamental shots with a high degree of proficiency. Look at his eyes when he strike the ball. He keeps his eyes on the moment of impact longer than other players. Thats makes his shot was very precise. Those precise shots was make him a legend in tennis. He just got his 13th Grand Slams title from winning US Open 2008. He reach that in a younger state than Sampras do. So, i think he still the best in Tennis. Even this year was his darkest hour. But, he still won a Grand Slam.

Tiger Woods in Golf

Woods has held the number one position in the world rankings for the most consecutive weeks and for the greatest total number of weeks. He has been awarded PGA Player of the Year a record nine times, the Byron Nelson Award for lowest adjusted scoring average a record eight times, and has tied Jack Nicklaus’ record of leading the money list in eight different seasons. He has been named Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year a record-tying four times, and is the only person to be named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year more than once. Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods (born December 30, 1975), is an American professional golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Currently the World No. 1, he was the highest-paid professional athlete in 2007, having earned an estimated $122 million from winnings and endorsements. Man… Thats a very very huge amount of money.


Tony Hawk in Vert Skateboarding

Wants to see a man who skates like a bird? Just watch Tony Hawk while he skating in a vert ramp. Just like his name, Hawk, he skates like he almost fly. He has a very big air, with a fast spin. He is the hero of almost vert skater. Tony Hawk is one of extreme sports’ most recognizable and celebrated athletes in the world. Tony Hawk was nine years old when his brother changed his life by giving him his first skateboard. By twelve, Tony had national sponsors. The first one who sponsored him is Stacy ‘Powell’ Peralta. By 14 he had turned pro, and by age 16 Tony Hawk was the best skateboarder in the world. He graduated from Torrey Pines High School in the North County Coastal area of San Diego, California. As a senior at the age of 17 he was able to purchase his first house due to his success as a skateboarder. Hawk went on to win over 80 competitions, by far the best record in skateboarding’s history. Great, isn’t it? He also be the first one who land 900, which consists of two-and-a-half rotations (900°) in the air before landing back on the pipe during the televised June 27, 1999 X Games, for which he received an enormous amount of attention. He retired from the competition since 1999. But, that doesn’t mean his spirit is retired too. Now, he run many businesses that supports the new skateboarders. He owned Hawk Shoes, Birdhouse Skateboards (Skateboard Deck), Hawk Clothing, Tech Deck (Finger Skateboard), and 900 Films (TV Production). He also teamed with Activision to make his own game. The game was very booming. Who doesn’t know Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Game? I mean, almost every kids who owned Playstation ever played that game. And now, that game is continuously developed. So, i think the bird still fly around the world. And cannot stop.

Rodney Mullen in Street and Freestyle Skateboarding


Now its freestyle time. Thats mean, its time for Rodney Mullen. Maybe he isn’t famous as Tony does. But, he invented many vital tricks to skateboarding. Okay, do you know ollie? It is the very very basic trick. You cannot do any flip tricks if you can’t ollie. And he was the one who invented ollie. I think all of the skaters must thank him. Anymore? Okay, mmmm… Lets say that these are the basic tricks that he invented: Kick flip, Heel flip, 360 flip, and Impossible. He started skateboarding at age 10, when his father (who had opposed his son’s wishes to practice the sport) finally agreed to give Rodney a skateboard on condition that he always wore pads, and with the understanding that if he were to ever get hurt, he would have to quit. At first, he play style was a vert skateboarding. But, he change his direction into a freestyle. And that was incredible. From that, he invented many tricks, such as casper 360 flip, anti casper, darkslide, reemo, and many tricks. Now, he is a professional freestyle skateboarder, and considered to be one of the most influential skaters in the history of all of the sports. Besides skating, he also owned businesses that runs in skateboarding. He owned Tensor Trucks and Dwindel Skateboards.




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20 responses to “The Best Sportspersons on Earth

  1. ayamcobek

    gw suka yang nomer 1. emang cantona is the best.gokil.
    eh btw thx gus comennya. hwhehe

  2. yoha dong lung..
    emang paling oke tuh kapten..
    suka naek naekin kerah bajunya lagi..

  3. ow man, lo lupa mike metzger – moto X sama shaun white – snowboarding


  4. Daniel

    that Roger is seriously a magician.., he healed his wound.., and conquered the championship.., (He is not a human!!! an alien maybe.., from planet G.r.a.n.d.S.l.a.m I think… haha..,)
    But I enjoyed him suffered when he fought Rafael.., haha..,

  5. Shaun white udah ga di snowboarding lagi lang…
    dia aja udah main di skate sekarang…

  6. Oh man…
    you are so mean…
    but, i think he is not human..
    is there any human who can play tennis continuously in 5 hours?
    you must be kidding me…
    kapan mau main lagi bun?

  7. Daniel

    “is there any human who can play tennis continuously in 5 hours?”

    you forgot one man.., the opponent for sure…, haha..,

  8. hey, don’t you forget?
    he isn’t a human too…
    human can’t defeat Federer in grass..
    Only an alien can defeat an alien..

  9. Rizky

    gus ketinggalan si dave mirra, trus muhammad ali, terus colin mcrae, legenda smua tuh gus.
    mantab nih infonya

  10. ninanaiguana

    ah eric cantona cupuu..
    dulu waktu emak gw s2 di belgia gw satu pesawat di business class isinya cmn kluarga gw doang sama satu team PSV.. gw masih kcil jd ga ngerti apa2, emak gw fotoan sama ronaldo dongg, waktu itu doi masih di PSV.. gaya kan? ciee pamer gw..

  11. hah?
    apa hubungannya psv sama cantona nin?
    kayanya dia ga pernah maen disana dah..

  12. gabrielmalona

    kyny kerenan sampras dari federer gus,

    lo lupa masukin the doctor ama schumi tuh, hhe

  13. hahaha…
    maap maap..
    kan subjektif geb..
    tapi, liat yang di capai fed dong…

  14. gabrielmalona

    iya c,
    syg ga sempat ketemu yk…
    kalo bola gw mah roberto baggio, hhe

  15. anaksayur

    long live the magician…

  16. hoo iya tuh..
    roberto baggio..
    tapi sayang, tergeser oleh del piero..
    setuju gw sama acil..
    long live the magician…

    eh geb, mereka bedua udah pernah ketemu, kalo ga salah di US Open..
    Sampras yang kalah..

  17. gabrielmalona

    oh gitu, ya sampras kan tinggal ampas2 waktu itu, hhe

    iya, tpi robbi uda pindah2 klub top italia smua pernah dijajal, inter, milan, juve, hhe

    ketinggalan jg armstrong sepedaan gus, hha

    klo tinju gw suka tyson, basket rodman aja lah
    sakuragi bgt ga sih, hha

  18. indomiejunkie


  19. yoi dong no..
    oke bet tuh orang..
    makanya gw taroh paling atas…

  20. I completely concur on Cantona = )

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