10 Things That You didn’t Know About Me

# Each blogger must post these rules.
# Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
# Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.

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I don’t know what kind of game is this. At first, I’m tagged by Dilla. Then, I think it is interesting, while I don’t have anythings to do. At least for now. So, I decided to join this game. For your information, these ten facts maybe outside of my expectation and I also surprise that I have facts like those. I hope you don’t. Hehehe..


#1. I really wants to be a lefties.

I don’t know what happens to me, but I’m sure that I really wants to be a left handed. I think it is great to be a lefties. Maybe I’ve got inspired by my hero whose are lefties too. Kurt Cobain. He is a great artist , and he is lefties. At elementary school, I ever try a week to use only my left hand. The result? I think I’ve been dying to write, to eat, and doing many things with my left hand. But, I think I’m far to be a AMBIDEXTERITY, which is a person who can use their both hands perfectly. Hehe… Maybe that’s will happen, if I still continue to use my left hand.  


#2. I was a great nail biter.

Yes, but I stopped two years ago when I’m found all of my fingers bleeding badly. This ridiculous ‘hobby’ began when I was in 3rd grade of elementary school(ES). I remember why I really likes to bite my nails. Those are when I got a nail check in ES, but my nails are very long. So, rather than scold by my teacher, i prefer to bite my nails. Hehehe.. I think that was a stupid thought.


#3. Black is my favorite color.

Black represents elegant, mysterious, cool, and dark. I love wearing black things, even though I rarely wear blackout, which is from my hair to heel is black. I love black color when it comes a details. Like, I love black watches, black cars, black shoes, and black hair. I ever try to paint my room into with a black color, but my parents forbid me to do it. So, I think, when I’m a father, I will have some room that covered with black color.


#4. A vampire??

Hehehe.. It is not like you’ve imagine. I just like to drink snake’s blood with my father. He said that is is good for my body. So, I’m just a son who obeyed his father. But, I enjoyed this suggestion. Hehehe..


#5. I want to meet Kurt Cobain.

Yeah that is right. Although I know that is impossible, I still wants to meet him and tell him how great he was. But, maybe I could meet him when it is a time. 


#6. I was like to skateboarding.

Yes, and it was. I skate from the beginning of my first year in junior-high. I don’t know why I like this game, but this game looks very awesome to me. Caused by some reasons, I stop plays when in my last year in high school. Until now, I still loves to watch any skateboarding event, competition, and many more. My hero in this game is Rodney Mullen. I like Danny Way’s quotation about skateboarding. Here it is: “Skateboarding is not a sport. It is a lifestyle. When you stop skateboarding, you stop life!”


#7. I prefer reading than watching.

It is true that I prefer reading than watching. But, it’s just occurred when it comes to reading a novel. From all of the novel based movie, I often preferred the novel version. I don’t know. When I’m reading a novel, my imagination about what happen in novel is limitless. But, when it comes to the movie, they just take all of my imagination and force me to use their imagination.


#8. I am a pedestrian.

I prefer to use my foot rather than use my car. Yes it is true. But that just for a short distance trip. Hehehe.. When I’m in my first year of University, I often walk from my housing into the campus with my friends. I think it is healthy, rather than to use public transportation. If I don’t bring a car to campus, and there is none of my friend that I can’t go with, so i prefer to walk to my housing. 


#9. I love my third eye.

My third eye is my cameras. Right now, I have three cameras, which are Lumix LX3, D300, and FM 10. But I think I neglected that last one. Hehe.. I love using them to capture every moment, but I prefer to capture the beauty of the earth. Like the shape of the mountain, the shine of sun when it set, the warmth of the stars, the singing sea, the bold of the cloud, and many more.


#10. I’m often to get mad.

Maybe some of you say that I’m quite, calm, and something. But, it is contrary with this facts. Yes, I am often to get mad. But, when I am mad, I always try to shut it down. So, it is often to see me missing or disappear suddenly. For me, disappear from others is my way to shut down my emotion and my anger. Hehehe…


Yeah, that’s not all of my facts actually. There are lot of funny facts if you wants to know. Hehehe… So, I think Reno, Bayu, Alung, Etgar, Rafdy, Anin, Arini, Cacuy, Nissa, and Kenny must be prepare for another of this game.

So, let’s get it on!



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13 responses to “10 Things That You didn’t Know About Me

  1. Farah Fadilla

    dulu wktu SD ada tu, gus, tmn gw yg bs nulis pake tangan kiri dan kanan.
    wooow!! dia sukses bikin anak2 SD jaman itu terkagum-kagum. it was cool! *hmm, abilitynya, dianya siy byasa aja. hehehe*

    hmmm, klo soal black color, kliatan lah yaa.

  2. 1. gw juga terkagum sama org yg nulis pake tgn kiri. for me, that’s a gift.

    3.gus coba deh pake yg berwarna warni sekali kali. it will cheer up your life. ;p

    4.snake blood? waaaaaw!!

    9. I love my third eye too.

    10. You are a mad keeper!

  3. muhamaddiandra

    i really love black color too..
    for me it represent colorful thing..
    that’s why i gave my blog name “Hitam Warna Ceriah”..

    for number 10
    ahaha pantes lo sering ngilang gus!!
    but I think it doesn’t matter if u show ur anger sometimes
    u will feel better..

  4. yoshee

    black is the new white? hahaha..
    dasar gushi-gushi olala..
    si gemar memfoto pake kamera segede apa ituu. hahaha.

    ih, gw tau tu darah ularr. tapi gw takut deh minumnya. serem aja. hehehe.

  5. Black is in our blood, Black is the air that we breathe, Black is the water that we drink

    mata lo udah 5 gus, hahaha

  6. skipydippydoodahday

    aww brother
    fact no. 11 u have a sister

  7. it’s interesting to share some facts about yourself. It doesn’t have to be serious or important, just for fun.

    i don’t mean to be rude, your writings are good. but to make it better i think you should do the grammatical checking… okay??

  8. sabisurabi

    hmm. sugabo serem deh.
    beneran vampir, gw rasa.
    eh knp pas kuku lo berdarah lo minum aja darahnya!
    hemat duit gus, save snakes too!
    hahahahahahahaha ga jadi ah, jijay.

    beeuh jaman2 esde smp sma gw sneng bgt sebangku sm orang kidal. bner bgt kata lo dan icuy, it was soo cool! haha kagum deh..
    tp sm reno ngga. haha. *piss ah, no!*

  9. nisanisyo

    i love novel too, tp akhir2 ini ga tau knapa, lg males bc novel yg tebel2.eh gus, serius lo minum darah uler????????????????????????????????

  10. ines

    btw nailbitting ampe bleeding badly gokil juga tuh gus haha rasa darah uler kaya apaan tuh? boleh tuh icip2 dikit hahha

  11. ty

    i love nail bitting… :p
    g bs diilangin… walopun dh dimarahin…

    darah uler…???
    serem jg yah… bwt apa sih minum darah…??
    mang g ada air yah…??? ;p

  12. superditoes

    gus gw baru baca, serius lo si biting nails itu bisa lo berhentiin? parah, gw ga bisa-bisa dah. udah berhenti berapa hari tapi beberapa hari kemudian gigit lagii

  13. 1. i want a photographical memory! hehehe.
    3. longliveblackyayayay! XDD

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