Meet Ashley Greene

Maybe most of you don’t know her. For your information, she is the one of the cast in Twilight film. It is true that she isn’t famous as Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) or Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) yet, but sure she is more my type than others. Hehehe… Okay, let me show you her picture in Twilight movie.


Yes, she is Alice Cullen, a vampire from Cullen family. And I think, she is the cutest one in Cullen family, even in the movie. The one that I like from her is her hair. I like that short straight but cool hair style. And I think, her role is already done good by Ashey Greene. I prefer to discuss her rather than Kristen or Robert, because she is the one that attracted me when I watched the movie.

Full named Ashley Michelle Greene, and  she was born on 21st of February 1987. She is still very young and still try to evolve. Besides acting, she also doing a model routine. But, she wasn’t tall enough to be a runaway model. So, she plans to focus just on commercial model. Below, I will show you the picture that I really love from her. Here it is…


Beautiful, isn’t she? Actually, she reminds me of someone that I ever fall in. Hehehe…




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9 responses to “Meet Ashley Greene

  1. “Beautiful, isn’t she? Actually, she reminds me of someone that I ever fall in. Hehehe…”

    siapa emang gus? hahahahahaha

    btw, yep, dia lebih cantik daripada si bella. bella is so overrated yow

  2. Did I really need to answer that Lang??

  3. Hey!
    wow ashley greene.
    shes my idol.
    i so want to meet her!
    in twilight Alice is my Favorite character!
    and i didnt even know it was her at first with short hair!
    i want to know where shes going to be next! i want to see if i can go and at least get her to sign something! :]

  4. nisanisyo

    “Beautiful, isn’t she? Actually, she reminds me of someone that I ever fall in. Hehehe…”

    siapa kah dia gus? hahhaa gw ga nyangka lo segini sukanya sm ashley greene ckckck

  5. pantesan sukaa sama si alcie jabrik. ternyata ternyata ohh ternyata. hahaha

  6. muhamaddiandra

    eh gus..
    anak2 pada penasaran tuh..
    jawab apa!

  7. Farah Fadilla

    ternyata ooh ternyata.
    siapa gus?
    pantesan ngefans banget.

    tp emg cantik siy gus.
    kyknya ‘beda’ aja.
    ga kyk cewek2 kebanyakan.

  8. ahahaha…
    ada deh…
    silahkan menduga duga…

  9. ciyee sugaaab..
    hahaha iya ashley greene mantabs ko.
    lo search di fansitenya bnyak ko poto dia yg oke.
    mantep bgt emang ya rambutnya alice cullen, short spiky hair!

    btw JAWAB DONG gus!
    ga seru bgt rahasia2an!

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