Hey You!

Hey you
You are the best pretender
You can get her
You are the lucky guy
You think you are in heaven

But she
She deserve pure love
She was trapped by you
She can’t think clearly
She thinks she is with you

Now I want to ask you

Is she not the one for you?
Or, she is not the only one for you?
Is she doesn’t enough for you?
Or, she can’t be enough for you?

Do you think I know nothing?
Cause I think I know nothing
But, the fact is I know something
Something that really bothering

It’s true
It’s really bothering me
You take it or you leave it
Don’t be so greedy

One is enough!



Filed under Another, Music, Thoughts

5 responses to “Hey You!

  1. anjing?
    kata yang cukup cocok…

  2. kebagusan ah kalo anjing

    cocoknya musang gus, hahaha

  3. Hhhhmmmm. he crazy i think. i think he crazy.

  4. You think he is crazy?
    I don’t think so..
    He is just the best pretender…
    Just that…

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