I got another personality test

Hey, its been a long time since i wrote the last post..

I got this link from gilang’s blog….

At first, i will show my result, then my girl’s result..


Bagus Sumarapati

You are Red Sheep type, who has a fortune of not having to worry about basic necessities of living.
Therefore, you tend to be generous and not stingy.
You are cautious and once you start on something, you have a will power to stick to it.
But you sometimes get behind others in finishing.
You have observant eyes.
You have strength to assess what is most advantageous to you and can use that tactics effectively in forming relationships.
You tend to be rather dependent on other people.
Therefore you are extremely good at being nice and compliment on those people who can be on your side and help you.
You will not tend to show your inner emotions.
You try to collect standard information and will come out with an objective opinion from there.
You are a person of broad knowledge, and are able to do things really well.
You are amiable person, and required be people.
Your weakness is that once you are offended, it takes time for you to recover, and you can be cynical.
You are timid, shy and a person who always needs somebody’s company.
To be successful, find at least one thing that you can be confident about.
Don’t go against the flow of the time, and then your fortune will open up by the time you get to your middle ages.


Erika Sujitno

You are Green Raccoon, who is affectionate, and have womanly attraction wafting around.
You give an impression of a dreaming little girl, but unlike your outside impression, you are very cautious and do not easily let other people in your heart.
Characteristics of this type of people tend to be rather weak and simple.
You want to depend on others heavily.
Therefore, you are good at reading people’s character, and have clear preferences of people.
Although you tend to be a quiet person, you have intelligence, and once you are in action, you become very practical.
Your dreams are big, and you try to make it come true through your experiences.
Your dream will be decided according to the circumstances you are born.
Raccoon people have kind hearts and are full of volunteer spirits.
You take extreme good care of those people below your rank or those who are weak.
You are always enduring and show perseverance.
You are especially not afraid to face men.
You don’t like to be alone, and therefore feel safe where there are lots of people.
By working and living in a group will improve you, and makes it possible to understanding yourself further, and be able to build up a better life.
Once married, you will do anything to help your husband, and can become a good housewife.
But you may become little too demanding, so be careful.


Yeah, its true… Most of the result were true… Phew…


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