About Him

Full named I Gde Bagus Arya Sumarapati. Born in Jakarta,  but have Bali as his hometown. Now he study in School of Business and Management ITB. At first, he made this blog in order to fulfill the assignment that given from his lecturer. But, as the time goes by, he found that it is very interesting when writing something and someone read it. So, he decide not just to answering the question from the lecturer, but also write something else, so that the readers wouldn’t be bored with his posts.

Besides writing, which is his new hobby, he also loves to capture the moments with his lovely cameras. But, he usually prefer to capture the beauties of landscape. He also likes to play guitar with his friends. And, because he has a not thin body, so he like to do sport in order to decrease some of his weight and keep him healthy. He loves to play tennis, either with his friends or go alone just by his partner.

And, last but not least, He adore Kurt Cobain, Rodney Mullen, Roger Federer, and Ashley Greene.


4 responses to “About Him

  1. lawrencia elena

    bagus!blognya juga bagus!
    thkz gus, i learn much here …

  2. ynd

    blogwalking.. 🙂 nice blog!

  3. Sugab, I just wanted to tell you about me new range of watches. I noticed from your blog that you were into unique watches so I thought you should know about the i-toc…have a look on the website…would love to hear what you think

  4. hi !
    your blog is a nice blog one
    i really like your perception guy !

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