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Music, did I really to explain more?

Female Singers


Long time no see..

Suddenly,  I want to share my favorite female singers..  All is in random order, so no one is better than other.. I like them all..

Here they are…


Yeah she is one of the best female singer. Young, talented, and beautiful. Born in 13 December 1989. Wow, she is younger than me. Ahahaha..

She got many awards from singing, including in grammy awards. And, she got a trouble too. Yeah, in MTV VMA, one brainless guy took her microphone and said that her video, Love Story, wasn’t the winner. So stupid.

I love all the song that she sing. But, my favorite is You Belong With Me. (Private Experience, hehe)


Yeah. She is definitely my favorite singer.

Born in 27 December 1988, still younger than me, she is very energetic in live performance with Paramore.

I like the type of her voice. She can catch the high note and the low note. Such a talented vocalist.

Oh yeah, that birthdate reminds me of a crush crush crush.. Hehehe…


Born in 4 February 1975. Nah, she is older than me now..

Why I like her? Okay.. Its because her voice is unique, she is pretty, and she is also a great songwriter. I like a lot of her songs, like Torn, Shiver, That Day, and many more.

But, I think its already years that she didn’t release any album. So, I will wait for her new album.


Yeesss… Sherina Munaf..

One of the best Indonesian female singer, but also still have a lot of potential.

Born in Bandung in 11 June 1990.  She still young, but not her discography. She already has 5 album with 21 years old as her age. She is also a junior actress when perform in a movie called Pertualangan Sherina. At that time, she is very cute.

Now she choose to dress more mature and more feminine.

But, I like it better when she is in boyish style.. So kewl…


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My Evil Side

If I were Zeus the God of Gods,

I will strike you with my lightning bolt!

If I were Poseidon the ruler of the sea,

I will drown you deep down on the sea!

If I were Hades the underworld lord,

I will burn you with my hellfire until there is nothing left from you!


Im just an ordinary man with no superpower and throne.

You must thank to God for it.


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Hey You!

Hey you
You are the best pretender
You can get her
You are the lucky guy
You think you are in heaven

But she
She deserve pure love
She was trapped by you
She can’t think clearly
She thinks she is with you

Now I want to ask you

Is she not the one for you?
Or, she is not the only one for you?
Is she doesn’t enough for you?
Or, she can’t be enough for you?

Do you think I know nothing?
Cause I think I know nothing
But, the fact is I know something
Something that really bothering

It’s true
It’s really bothering me
You take it or you leave it
Don’t be so greedy

One is enough!


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They aren’t Shredders, They are Awesome

This pure opinion is in random number. I like them because their play style and their charisma on the stage. So, let’s start from my country first, which is Indonesia. Here they are…



He is a guitarist of Dewa(legendary band from Indonesia, which previously named Dewa 19) and Andra and The Backbone. This guy is really good when he plays with his PRS guitar. He is playing very calm and clean. When plays as Dewa‘s guitarist, he plays gently. But, in Andra an The Backbone, he plays wildly. But, personally, I prefer he as the guitarist of Andra and The Backbone rather than as Dewa‘s.



He is a guitarist of Gigi, Trisum and also has a solo project. I’m impressed with his plays since the first of his solo concert, which is just a year ago. Denis is the boy who invited me to watch Budjana’s concert. Since that concert, I began to listen his music, especially his solo project and Trisum. And, I realize that he is one of the best jazz guitarist in Indonesia. Even though he is very calm when performing, but not with his fingers. His fingers move fast but sure according to the songs. In Indonesia, he is very famous with his blue Parker guitar.

Nah, those two guitarists are my favorite guitarists in Indonesia. Below is my other favorite guitarists that came from outside Indonesia. Here they are…



Okay, he is my hero. He is a guitarist, a vocalist, and a frontman of a band called Nirvana. I like his style, his guitar, his Nirvana, and his left hand. If you read my previous post about 10 facts, I mentioned him as my hero because he is lefties. But, not only that, I adore him in many things. Some says that his guitars skills are bad, but I think they are just envy to him. He has a very very simple way to play guitar. I also like his songs. He is very charismatic in stage, even though he often to wore weird dress when performing. And another unique thing is his guitar. I like his guitar. His guitar is a combination between Fender Jaguar and Fender Mustang. That’s why the guitar’s name is Fender Jagstang.



He is the guitarist of Slipknot and Stone Sour. I like his style when he perform on the stage, especially when perform with Slipknot. I always like his mask, rather than the others in Slipknot. He is physically looks like a devil that play a guitar. And he has number 4 as the Slipknot number. His guitar is a unique guitar. I think only he that plays metal using Fender Telecaster. Before him, there isn’t any guitarist who play metal using Fender Telecaster. Only he can do it, and the result is great. Just listen to a brand new Slipknot’s album, and feel the sound of his guitar.



I don’t have anything to said, do I? He is the master, I think. Just listen to his albums, and you will understand why he impressed me, even impressed anyone who play guitar.

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