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Toss With Style

Now, I’ll try to discuss about the photography. Even though I’m not a professional one, i love to capture every moments with my lovely cameras.  But now, i try to discuss something different about photography techniques. Maybe, this technique doesn’t require a lot of photography techniques, such as depth of field, aperture settings, shutter speed, bracketing, and many more. You don’t need any expensive cameras, such as DSLRs to do this technique. You can even use your cellphones’ camera to do this. This technique just requires you to toss your camera with all of your heart. Hehehe…


Thats why this technique named camera toss. You just need to toss your camera. Don’t hesitate to falling of your camera, just use a pillow like the picture above. Usually, camera tossing takes place in a low light condition. Why? It is because camera toss are great in capturing the beauty of lights. Here are some examples of how great that camera toss technique in capturing the beauty of lights.  


Those are the examples of how great that camera toss in capturing the beauty of lights. I took those photos from the blog that talk about camera toss, which is http://cameratoss.blogspot.com. There are also photos that i took from http://www.flickr.com/groups/cameratoss.

Camera tossing are also works great in capturing the landscape and another shape of things. Below are the examples of another camera tossing in capturing view besides lights. These photos are also taken from those camera toss sites. 

Here there are…


Those great photos are the example of the camera tossing. 

One day, i share this technique with my friends. I show that blog and wondering if i can do that or not. So, he try it just a moment after i showed it to him. He try that with his cellphone’s camera. The result? Hehe.. Of course not. I think this technique requires a lot of experience. We must try and try again. Below, i will show my result when trying camera tossing. 


Just that.. Hehe.. I don’t want to show another photos because i still learning this technique. I’m interested in trying this technique because its fun to learn. Even though a patience is a must in learning this technique, it’s still fun to learn. My friend, Reno Nismara (http://indomiejunkie.wordpress.com), also attracted to this camera tossing. Below is example from his work. FYI, he used his cellphone’s camera to create these photos.


One thing you must remember. All of those photos are not retouched by photoshop. Or should i say, it doesn’t required any photoshop retouched. Because the results are just great, so that we are satisfied enough with the photos. 

So, are you interested in trying this technique? If it’s yes, that’s will be a good decision. If it’s no, you should think about that again. Hehehe… And one thing, this technique is a way better than Lomo. Trust Me!!!




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