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Trying Out a Lumix LX-3

You know, I’ve just bought a new digital camera. Not new actually, I’ve bought it a month ago. This camera’s performance is a little bit shocking me, especially in the color tone. The color tone is unbelievably great, and it’s seems like ‘striking right through your eyes’. Hehe.. But that’s true. And I love the shape of its body, which is looks very very classy classic. Here it is…


Great, isn’t it? But, I bought it not just because I like its looks. I bought it because it has many features that makes me forget that I also have DSLR. Hehe.. This camera had almost all function that DSLR has, such as Aperture Priority mode, Shutter Priority mode, Manual Mode, Auto Focus, Manual Focus, and the two that I love are Macro focus and multiple exposure mode. Usually, a common digital camera has only one aspect ratio, which is 4:3. But, this camera has THREE aspect ratios, which are 4:3, 3:2, and 16:9. Another great thing is that this camera has a very fast lens, which is LEICA DC Vario-Summicron F2.0 24-60mm. It is very rare to see a digital camera that has a big aperture open, which is 2.0. With this big aperture open, the camera will perform greatly in low light condition. Wants to see the result? Here they are…







Those photographs are really captured from my LX-3. I’m amazed of how it can almost replace my D300. Conclusion? I think I am very satisfied with this camera. This camera isn’t just a ‘point and shoot’ camera. LX-3 is the most compact camera ever, with tons of features in it. And this camera makes me wants to capture every moment again. So, wait for my next posts about photography. Hehehe…



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