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Watch These Watches

Now, I wants to talk about one of my collection hobbies, which is watch. I don’t like the ordinary watches, I like the unique one. But, if the watches are black¬†colored, usually I’d get interested into that one. In choosing watches, I’m not a brand oriented person. But, I have some brands that I like, which are Nixon, Nooka, and Omega. Nowadays, watches are not only used to give an information about the time. But, it also used has a use as a fashionable¬†accessory. Below, I will show you some cool and unique watches…







How is it? I think those are very unique and cool watch. They all are very creative, either the designer or the company. The designer are very creative, because they can make the ordinary watch design became an extraordinary watch design. The company also creative. They can set a high brand image into their customer so that the customer will satisfied when using their watch. Another strategy is to make the watch limited. Lets said that there is a watch that only produced 1000 item. Of course the customer will have more pride when using this watch. I’m the one who also trapped into this strategy. But, what can I do? I love limited items. Hehehe…



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